A circular shipping platform

We're changing how the logistics industry works by replacing single-use packaging with a reusable solution.

Invest in a superior customer experience

Shipping with reusable containers saves everyone time and money. Our innovative designs reimagine what packages should look like.

Reward your customers

When a customer returns our packages they get rewarded. Convert a returning customer with a custom offering and get more touch points in your sales process through our platform.

Say goodbye to cardboard

We replace single-use cardboard boxes and plastic mailers with durable multi-use solutions. By switching to reusable containers, customers no longer have to breakdown, store, and recycle boxes after every online purchase.

Integrate inventory and optimize returns

We're improving reverse logistics by creating a smart routing system, opening the door to new peer to peer route efficiencies.

Reduce carbon emissions

The greenship system can reduce carbon emissions related to packaging by up to 80% when compared to the traditional system.

Join the circular economy

The recycling system is broken. It's estimated that 165 billion packages are shipped in the United States each year with a large percentage of package waste going straight to landfill. We're creating a sustainable solution for the new economy.

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